Eating a pie doesn’t make you a, “legend.”


Regardless of the football colours you put on each weekend, there is one rule that should unite us all… Don’t buy The Sun newspaper.

In fact it goes further than that, if you’re in the limelight you should not collaborate with The Sun, if you’re a normal human being you should not associate in anyway with the rag of a newspaper owned by an unconfirmed “human being,” Rupert Murdoch. Rather than it being a sporting point of view, it is almost on a humanitarian level.

For those questioning my acidic tone towards it, The Sun was responsible for a wholly false cover up, “story,” of Liverpool football club fans stealing from the dead amidst the Hillsborough disaster of 1989. You can only imagine the trauma the families and friends of those affected must have gone through while searching for the justice they later found among these lies, it just doesn’t bear thinking about. Safe to say if you have an ounce of emotion in your body, I need not go on.

Now to yesterdays FA Cup replay match between Sutton United and Arsenal. Prior to the match there was the expected build up of the hopeful giant killers Sutton, with seemingly the whole nation (myself included) right behind the underdogs to knock out the Premier League visitors. The Sutton goalkeeper, Wayne Shaw was a large focal point of this build up due to his unorthodox figure for a footballer, it was fantastic, the real, “magic of the cup.”

That was until an afternoon tweet from the Sun Bets Twitter account showed an advertisment on a price (8/1) for Shaw to eat a pie live on television that evening. If you weren’t questioning the reputation of The Sun before hearing that, surely you must question any bookmaker that offers a price on a pie to be eaten by a player during a televised game of football.


Sure enough, and you will have seen the image doing the rounds, Wayne Shaw did indeed chomp his way into a pasty after the final substitute had been made last night, making Sun Bets pay out odds of 8/1 to the unfortunate few who actually bet it. Fantastic.

Needless to say, this was likely a huge PR Stunt for Sun Bets, who are sponsors of Sutton United and their newspaper The Sun. I wouldn’t usually have an issue with such a stunt, however it should be clear that sharing the image and classing him as a, “legend,” “top lad,” or anything else equally squeamish is associating yourselves with such a vile and heartless organisation.

Whilst you could argue the fact that Sutton United should choose their sponsors more wisely, somebody other than Sun Bets perhaps, I don’t see the need. Football is a game run largely if not solely by money and I understand the strains that must put on lower league, less affluent clubs, but please do not blind yourselves to the fact that what happened last night between one man and his carbohydrate will have likely been orchestrated by a similar group of invertebrates who make false accusations about a severe tragedy, sharing it across social media outlets is only helping their cause.

Don’t buy The S*n.

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